Beautiful Page Arizona

​We have a love/hate relationship with Page, Arizona. But please keep reading so you don’t take that the wrong way! We love Page for it’s natural beauty, it’s one-of-a-kind sand waves, and it’s uniqueness. The landscapes you see here are like no other in the entire world. It’s hard to imagine something this beautiful exists in the middle of nowhere. And the middle of nowhere is the part we hate about Page. It is literally the most boring town. The most poppin’ place here was Walmart and the best restaurant here would be among “the worst” restaurants list of other cities.


Page is a place you go to admire nature, and that is it. As long as you don’t expect a five star dinner, a nice resort, or a cool brewery to hangout, then you will love it! Go to Page for just a good, All-American weekend trip and it will be a wonderful weekend. Just don’t go any longer (unless you’re renting a boat).

It’s a great destination to visit on a road trip from Las Vegas too!


There are three highlights to this town: Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon, and Lake Powell.

These three are magnificent sites to see so you can spend awhile here soaking up their beauty. The magnitude of their beauty is so large, you will feel like a drop in the ocean. Admire God’s creations and relax in this town. As far as other things to do…there’s none. As far as restaurants we recommend…there’s none. So cook something yummy up or grab some fast food. Make this trip all about nature, as it should be. PS- don’t go during Arizona’s summer heat! There’s a lot to do in the wonderful state of Arizona (get some AZ ideas from journeymaxx) so go when the weather is enjoyable.


Ok enough talking, the pictures speak for themselves.


THINGS TO DO in Page, Arizona


#1 Lower Antelope Canyon


Lower Antelope Canyon is also called “spiral rock arches” by the Navajo and rightly so. The waves and curves in the rock have slowly formed over thousands of years due to wind and water. The shapes are forever-changing and the views are different at each time of day depending on the angle of the sunlight beaming in. (PS- you could also visit upper antelope canyons but we agree with Born Globals that the lower canyons are better).


Tour: You have to visit the canyons with a tour company- you cannot go on your own. We chose Ken’s Tours due to online reviews and were very pleased. Book far in advance and secure your spot. It cost us $28/person which was well worth it for the hour long tour. We drove two miles east of Page to the meetup spot. It was so strange because we expected to see the canyons as we were driving in. But we didn’t because they are underground! The tour guide led us down a ladder into the canyon and explained the history to us. He knew all the best photo ops and even taught us a cool photography tip we have since used all over the world.


Address: Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park, Page, Az


Hours: Summer 8am-5pm and Winter 8am-4pm



page Arizona antelope
page Arizona antelopepage Arizona antelope canyonbeautiful page Arizona

Tips: The phone camera trick we learned was to use Panoramics for tall structures. Use “pano” and go from bottom to top! Just like you would for a wide photo from left to right. It worked perfectly for taking photos of these tall and beautiful canyons, like the one above. Try it!


#2 Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend is a part of the Colorado River that is…you guessed it…shaped like a horseshoe! The horseshoe bend lookout is a spot about 0.75miles off U.S.Route 89 where you can look down upon the river. Wear your tennis shoes for this quick and easy hike to the lookout and then spend some time relaxing here. The spot is 4,200 above sea level and sometimes you even get to see boats floating across the river here!


Address: Hwy 89, Page, AZ (between mile posts 544-545)




Tips: The views here are completely different in the morning versus at night. So if you have time, maybe stop here twice to see sunrise and sunset!

beautiful page Arizonapage Arizona horseshoe bendpage Arizona horseshoe bend


#3 Lake Powell

This lake is a man-made reservoir on the Colorado River spanning from Arizona up to Utah. It is a popular boating and water sport area where you can see landmarks like Glen Canyon Dam, the Rainbow Bridge, and Tower Butte. While in Page, we just hung out at the marina area. However if you want to rent a boat, you could do a longer trip boating out on the lake here.

beautiful page Arizonapage Arizona


Those three things will consume most of your time. At night, we bought some wine and just relaxed outside on our hotel’s patio. We stayed at the Best Western with views of Lake Powell which was rated one of the best hotels in page arizona. It was a beautiful night out so we just talked and sipped on some wine before calling it a night. Highly recommended!


Alright Page, I guess we love you. No hard feelings.

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