Itinerary for Madrid Spain

Introducing our itinerary for… MADRID, SPAIN one of This is a very longggg blog post. So if you’d prefer the more organized and concise itinerary in a PDF, sign up thru the pop-up to receive it for free. The charts show up better on computers and PDF (not mobile). COUNTRY FACTS FOR SPAIN Country: Spain … Read more

12 Things to do in San Francisco

12 Things to Do in San Francisco While in school for physical therapy, I (Steph) purposely chose internships that allowed me to experience new cities and countries. First up: San Francisco, California. I took a chance, packed up my bags, and flew there by myself for what ended up being some of the most adventurous … Read more

The Greatest Packing List of All Time

If you know me (Stephanie), you know this- I am the Queen of Lists.  How ironic, considering my mother Debora is the Queen of Packing (seriously). Therefore, if you’re going to trust anyone with helping you pack for an important trip, it’s gotta be me. I’ve got your back. You see, growing up, I took organizing … Read more

Meet Sparky our drone

meet Sparky | our Drone (DJI Spark) Meet Sparky the Drone We recently invested in a DJI Spark drone. No, we don’t have kids. No, we don’t have pets. But we have Sparky now! He is our baby and travel companion. We love lil’ Sparky. Drones are incredible at snapping footage from a bird’s eye view, … Read more

Out of Africa Wildlife Part

Last year, Zach surprised me (Steph) with a road trip up to the Out of Africa Wildlife Park for my birthday. Fact: I am obsessed with giraffes. Fact: He is officially the best husband ever. Why do I love giraffes so much? Giraffes are beautiful, graceful, and have the silliest looking long, purple tongues. For … Read more

Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix

Ever since we moved to Arizona in 2012, we have been wanting to visit the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix, Arizona. We heard so many good things about how beautiful it was but in our working-professionals-life fashion, we never found time to go: until last week, that is. We made it to the gardens to … Read more