The Road to Hana Drive

The Road to Hana Drive One of the most popular routes to drive in all the world is the Road to Hana in Maui, Hawaii.  Until we experienced it ourselves, we had no idea what all the hype was about. Let me tell you, it is quite the adventure. To sum it up in one … Read more

Day Trip to Jerome Arizona

day trip to Jerome, Arizona To celebrate our three year wedding anniversary we “hit the road Jack” and went to Jerome, Arizona. Most of you probably haven’t heard of Jerome because it’s a very small town with a measly 455 inhabitants now. It’s hard to believe it was at once one of the richest cities … Read more

The Best Tour of Tuscany

For our 2015 honeymoon, which was by far the best vacation we have ever had, we went to the country that is the epitome of romance: Italy. For fourteen days, we immersed ourselves in the culture and created as many great Italian memories as possible. Zach’s favorite memory from Italy was driving a Ferrari around … Read more

Beautiful Page Arizona

​We have a love/hate relationship with Page, Arizona. But please keep reading so you don’t take that the wrong way! We love Page for it’s natural beauty, it’s one-of-a-kind sand waves, and it’s uniqueness. The landscapes you see here are like no other in the entire world. It’s hard to imagine something this beautiful exists … Read more

Bars on Broadway in Nashville

As we stepped foot onto busy Broadway, my heart lit up from the country music I heard all around. Woah, did I just say that? As a past country music hater, I (Steph) cannot believe I just said that. Let’s start from the beginning. As a teenager, I grew up loving pop music, boy bands, … Read more

The World’s 25 Most Romantic Restaurants

Picture yourself in the romantic city of Venice sitting outside at a table along the canal, across from the love of your life, enjoying a romantic dinner before you head back to the hotel and make love. The love between you two is undeniable, almost magnetic. Nothing can ruin your dinner out…can it? Oh yes, … Read more